Hotstart promotes Casey Hall

Feb 17, 2022

Spokane, Wash. – Hotstart is pleased to announce the promotion of Casey Hall from Railroad Market Manager to Product Strategist/Market Manager. Mr. Hall will move from the Hotstart Railroad Office in Merrillville, IN to company headquarters in Spokane, WA where he will work closer with Hotstart’s sales, engineering and manufacturing teams.

Mr. Hall joined Hotstart in 2015 as a Railroad Market Manager where he worked with railroads, installers and OEMs to reduce locomotive idling, fuel consumption and emissions across the US and Canada. He also provided support and leadership to industry associations such as the Chicago Railroad Mechanical Association, the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association, the Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association and the Railway Supply Institute. He also hired and mentored Mr. Mike Mustradi, Railroad Market Manager, who will backfill many of Mr. Hall’s duties. Mr. Hall will continue to lead Hotstart’s role in the rail industry while also helping develop product strategies for all markets. 

“Casey has done a great job in the rail market and now is in position to make a bigger impact,” said Terry Judge, CEO. “We are excited to have him in Spokane working closer with us. He has a lot of positive energy and loves working with people. Our business, employees and customers will benefit from his initiatives.”

“I’m grateful for Hotstart’s support of my personal and professional growth,” said Casey Hall, Product Strategist/Market Manager. “The future of thermal management solutions will be driven by ongoing customer needs for optimized equipment performance. Working in-person with the team in Spokane will foster new development projects that support long-term growth and sustainability. I look forward to developing the strategies and products to meet those needs while also continuing to lead our Railroad division.”

Casey Hall