HOTSTART Releases New HOTflow® Forced Circulation Heater

July 10, 2017

Spokane, Wash. – HOTSTART, an international engine heating technology company, released a new forced circulation heater to its HOTflow® product line. The CKM engine heater is a coolant preheater, developed to maintain optimal temperatures for diesel and gas engines in stationary land power (generators), marine, construction equipment and truck applications.

“Our customers have a wide range of engine heating requirements,” said Greg Walters, Sales Manager of HOTSTART. “We surveyed our customer base to find out what they wanted in an ideal engine heater. Based on that feedback, we identified an opportunity to design a solution with specific benefits and features that would meet their needs better than current heaters in the market.”

The CKM’s mechanically-driven pump is integrated into the stainless-steel heating tank – maximizing coolant flow while minimizing the heater’s footprint. A built-in air bleed screw allows installers to flush air from the heater before operation, eliminating damaging air pockets in the system. An integrated high-limit thermostat is easily accessible and can be reset with the push of a button, eliminating the need for expensive maintenance.

The compact heater can be mounted horizontally or vertically, providing flexibility for installation and an easy drop-in replacement for already installed thermosiphon (convection) heaters. Like all HOTflow® heaters, the CKM is an energy efficient heater that can be used to replace legacy thermosiphon heaters for generator sets, marine and heavy equipment diesel and gas engines.



HOTSTART ( is a leading developer and manufacturer of diesel engine block heaters. The company was established in 1942 with the original patent for engine coolant heating. Today, the HOTSTART product line includes coolant heaters, oil heaters, battery pads and wraps, controls and complete systems. These products are used on diesel engines to provide easy starts, immediate full power, reduced engine wear, reduced emissions and reduced fuel consumption. Applications include standby generator sets, locomotives, equipment/machinery, gas pipeline compressors, heavy duty trucks and marine. HOTSTART is headquartered in Spokane, Washington with offices in Siegburg, Germany, Tokyo, Japan and Katy, Texas.