Our Mission

It is the purpose of HOTSTART to provide extended life, improved operations, and reduced emissions for internal combustion engines, primarily through engine heating. We also intend to use our technology for other applications within the scope of our manufacturing and marketing capabilities. Our customers are manufacturers and users in a worldwide marketplace. We are committed to maintain the leadership position in our industry. This goal is achieved by exceeding our customers' expectations of quality, reliability and technical support.

Our people are our greatest asset. HOTSTART supports the personal and professional growth of each person. We attempt to create an environment of respect, freedom, creativity, personal growth and pride.

HOTSTART is proud of the Spokane community and the lifestyle it supports. We believe in active participation in community affairs and encourage involvement by our people.

In order to maintain a posture of sustained growth, we depend on the continued vision and support of our stockholders. We must reward the risk and investment of the stockholders and maintain the future growth and development of the company. HOTSTART will continue to support new ideas, research, change and investments in our people and facilities.

Celebrating 75 years 1942–2017