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Tank Style applications:

TPS Small Tank Style Engine Heater:
TPS The TPS engine heater is thermostatically controlled and designed for efficient heating. This model is available from 500 watt to 2000 watt for engines of 150 CID to 700 CID.
CB Industrial Tank Style Engine Heaters:
CB CL The CB die-cast aluminum tank engine heaters are designed to circulate coolant through engines ranging in size from 200 CID to 1650 CID. Wattage options range from 1500w-5000w with various voltages available.

HOTflow® applications:

HOTflow® CTM Engine Heater:
CTM The HOTflow® CTM engine heater features an integrated pump that combines the benefits of forced circulation with a compact design that can mount to a variety of small engine applications. The CTM model heats engines up to 20 L displacement. Forced circulation of the coolant delivers uniform heating throughout the entire engine, extends element life and offers a significant reduction in electrical consumption.
HOTflow® CKM Engine Heater:
CKM The HOTflow® CKM engine heater is a coolant preheater that features a mechanically-driven pump integrated directly into the stainless steel heating tank - maximizing coolant flow while minimizing the heater's footprint. The CKM model heats engines up to 50 L displacement and can be installed horizontally or vertically, making it an easy drop-in replacement for traditional thermosiphon heaters.

In-Block heater applications:

In-Block Engine Heaters:
In Block Heaters HOTSTART's line of In-Block engine heaters mount directly into the water jacket of the engine. These direct immersion block heaters reduce engine wear due to cold starts by up to 50 percent. To specify an in-block heater for your heavy-duty engine, click here to select your engine manufacturer and model to locate the right heater.
TwinStat™ Heater Cord:
TwinStat Cord HOTSTART’s TwinStat™ cord combines an engine-mounted remote thermostat with an ambient temperature thermostat to maximize energy efficiency. When the weather is warm, the heaters will remain off, saving energy. When the temperature drops, the heater will automatically begin heating your engine - without any timers or guesswork. Contact Robert Fridye, Customer Service Rep, for more information on TwinStat™ for your in-block heater application.

Battery pads and wraps applications:

Battery pads and wraps:
 Battery Wrap UL recognized final 01 17 web Battery pads and blanket-style battery wraps prolong battery life and improve cranking power in the coldest conditions. Engineered to maintain battery temperature at 80°F/27°c, HOTSTART battery pads & wraps provide enough heat to boost cranking power as much as 75 percent. Both heater types may be specified with or without thermostatic control. Battery wraps with a thermostat are UL Recognized.