Battery Wraps/Pads

To meet all your engine related heating needs, HOTSTART battery warming pads and wraps are available to ensure proper and efficient performance.

Battery Warming Pads & Wraps

Battery pads and blanket-style battery wraps prolong battery life and improve cranking power in the coldest conditions. Engineered to maintain battery temperature at 80 °F (27 °C), HOTSTART battery pads and wraps provide enough heat to boost cranking power as much as 75%. Download the Battery Thermal Wrap Guide to select a heater for your application.

UL Recognized Battery Wrap
Battery Wrap UL recognized final 01 17 web The HOTSTART UL Recognized Battery Wrap features a built-in thermostat and is specifically designed to heat multiple battery sizes. Batteries heated to an optimal 80 °F (27 °C) will retain maximum cranking amps, ensuring smooth engine starts. Comes with a 9" (229 mm) pigtail; order corresponding power supply cord to complete your wrap assembly. Euro wraps are not UL Recognized.
Battery Wrap - No Thermostat
Battery wrap Prolong the life of your battery with a HOTSTART thermal battery wrap. Comes with a 6' (1.8 M) grounded cord and plug. Wraps without a thermostat are not UL Recognized. 
Battery Heating Pad
 battery on battery pad HOTSTART Battery Heating Pads warm batteries to keep them ready to start in cold weather. Battery heater not recommended for nickel cadmium batteries. When batteries are placed in an insulated battery box, a thermostat is recommended to sense battery box temperature to prevent overheating the battery. Battery Heating Pads catalog part numbers