Battery Wraps/Pads

To meet all your engine related heating needs, HOTSTART battery warming pads, wraps and silicone heating pads are available to ensure proper and efficient performance.

Battery Warming Pads & Wraps

Battery pads and blanket-style battery wraps prolong battery life and improve cranking power in the coldest conditions. Engineered to maintain battery temperature at 80 °F (27 °C), HOTSTART battery pads and wraps provide enough heat to boost cranking power as much as 75%. Both styles may be specified with or without thermostatic control. more info

Silicone Hot Pads

Flexible, versatile and easy to install. HOTSTART adhesive hot pad heaters are ideal for oil pans, engine blocks, hydraulic reservoirs, diesel fuel tanks and other fluid reservoirs. Constructed from a durable silicone/fiberglass material, these etched foil heating pads feature an easy peel and stick application. more info

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