Forced Circulation Engine Heating Systems

HOTSTART offers complete circulating heating systems for engines ranging in sizes from 10 L to the largest displacement currently in production. These systems are engineered and designed specifically for installation on a generator, compressor package, marine engine, or locomotive. HOTSTART offers circulating systems for lube oil heating, coolant heating and diesel fuel heating. Combination systems are also available that heat and circulate coolant and oil in one pre-assembled unit.

Coolant-Only Circulating Heating Systems

These systems are designed to heat and circulate coolant throughout the engine's cooling system to efficiently maintain an engine at optimum starting temperatures. Maintaining jacket water temperatures ensures easy starting, reduces harmful emissions at start-up and allows engines to go to full power without needless idling.

HOTSTART Heater Engine Displacement* Heat Output
CTM Model up to 20 L  1-2.5 kW 
CKM Model up to 50 L 3-6 kW
CSM Model up to 100 L 3-12 kW 
CMM Model up to 200 L 12-24 kW
CL Model up to 246 L Weathertight 12-30 kW
CLM Model up to 300 L 27-36 kW
CLA Model up to 600 L Hazardous Location (ATEX) 6-72 kW
CLE Model up to 600 L Hazardous Location 6-72 kW
CLV Model up to 300 L Weathertight 11-36 kW
CSE Model up to 65 L Hazardous Location 3-12 kW
CXM Model up to 600 L 48-72 kW
CGM Model up to 1200 L 90-144 kW

Oil-Only Circulating Heater Systems

HOTSTART's lube oil systems heat and circulate engine lube oil to efficiently maintain oil viscosity and minimize condensation during shut-down and layover periods. Warm lube oil greatly reduces oil viscosity, thus increasing lubrication to the engine at start-up. These systems are available for engines with oil capacities ranging from 95 L to 5341 L.

HOTSTART Heater Oil Capacity* Heat Output
OSE/OSX Model flow requirement up to 11GPM Hazardous Location
1.5-4 kW
OSM Model up to 350 L Weathertight 1-3 kW
OMM Model up to 666 L Weathertight 3-6 kW
OLM Model up to 1332 L Weathertight 9-12 kW
OXM Model up to 2672 L Weathertight 12-24 kW
OGM Model up to 5341 L Weathertight 24-48 kW
OLA Model up to 2700 L Hazardous Location (ATEX) 2.5-24 kW
OLE Model up to 2700 L Hazardous Location 2.5-24 kW

Combination Coolant/Oil Circulating Heating Systems

HOTSTART's line of coolant/lube oil combination heating systems combines the benefits of coolant heating and oil heating into one pre-wired, pre-assembled dual heating package. Circulating heated coolant and lube oil throughout the engine ensures optimum starting temperatures and oil viscosity while reducing condensation.

HOTSTART Heater Engine Displacement/Oil Capacity* Heat Output
OCSM Model up to 75 L/Not applicable 6-12 kW Coolant
OCSE Model up to 75 L/Not applicable 3-18 kW Coolant
COL Model up to 197 L/up to 1892 L; Weathertight 6-9 kW Oil; 11-30 kW Coolant
DLV Model 300 L/1350 L; Weathertight 6-12 kW Oil: 18-36 kW Coolant
OCLA Model 300 L/1350 L; Hazardous Location (ATEX) 2.5-12 kW Oil; 6-36 kW Coolant
OCLE Model 300 L/1350 L; Hazardous Location 2.5-12 kW Oil; 6-36 kW Coolant

*Engine Displacement/Oil Capacity is provided as a general heater size guideline. Several factors are considered when properly sizing a heater to an application. Contact HOTSTART for assistance in selecting the correct heater for your system.

 Lab testing is available for precise temperature control requirements and custom applications.