Locomotive Products

HOTSTART manufactures a line of electric and diesel powered engine heating systems designed to allow idling locomotives to be shut down and easily restarted, even after days sitting in freezing weather. Equipping a locomotive with a HOTSTART block heater eliminates the problems with idling including wasted fuel and oil, wet-stacking, emissions, noise and engine wear. In 1942, HOTSTART began developing and manufacturing diesel engine block heaters for trucks and buses. In 1965, HOTSTART applied its engine heating experience to the railroad industry and developed layover heaters to eliminate costly locomotive idling. Now, over 4,000 HOTSTART locomotive systems are in use today with customers such as BNSF, MRL, Watco and Cedar Rapids and Iowa Northern Railway.

  APUElectric Driven
(Plug-In Layover Systems)
Click on model for more information APU DLV CLV
Heats Locomotive Water Yes Yes Yes
Heats Locomotive Oil Yes Yes No
Charges Locomotive Batteries Yes No No
Requires Shore Power Hook-Up No Yes Yes
Requires Crew to Plug-in / Unplug System No Yes Yes
Requires Crew to Shutdown Locomotive Yes Yes Yes
Optional AESS Interface Yes Yes Yes
Install Time for Two Men 30-40 hours 30-40 hours 30-40 hours