Clean Energy

Clean Energy

The desire to be less dependent on fossil fuels is driving new technologies across multiple industries. As companies integrate power from wind, solar, hydro and other renewable energy into their operations, reliable storage of that energy will be critical for long term success. Battery energy storage systems that provide immediate, on-demand power will shift the landscape of onsite power generation the way electric vehicles have changed the automotive industry.

HOTSTART is focused on bringing our 75 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise to solutions designed to store renewable energy for onsite power and powered equipment. Our systems ensure battery readiness in various environments, improving reliability of battery charging and discharging cycles as well as increasing the overall life of the battery. Active thermal management systems that respond to changes in ambient temperature will be necessary for battery-centric energy storage systems as well as electric vehicles and equipment.   

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Bringing the Heat to On-Site Power Stability

HOTSTART Bringing the Heat to On-Site Power Stability