Generación de Energía

Generación de Energía

Nuestras vidas diarias han pasado a depender de tener fácil acceso inmediato a energía las veinticuatro horas del día, los siete días de la semana. Ciertos lugares críticos, como hospitales, bancos, autoridades de tránsito, estaciones de combustible, hoteles, torres de telefonía celular, rascacielos y demás dependen de alimentación auxiliar en situaciones de emergencia para mantenerse funcionales.
Ante una emergencia, los generadores auxiliares para estos tipos de aplicaciones deben ponerse en marcha y poder recibir carga completa en diez segundos. Los calentadores de motor HOTSTART pueden hacerlo posible.

Calentar el refrigerante y mantenerlo en circulación en un bloque de motor cuando está en modo de espera preserva el generador listo para arrancar al instante. La amplia variedad de calentadores para generadores HOTSTART incluye tanto sistemas tradicionales de calentamiento por convección como eficientes modelos con bomba. Con los calentadores HOTSTART, se asegurará de que sus instalaciones estén listas para continuar recibiendo energía cuando más importe.


HOTSTART: How Much Energy Can You Save?

HOTSTART: How Much Energy Can You Save?


We at Generac ‐ Ottomotores value OUR PEOPLE, thus promoting their development and knowledge are an ongoing priority in order to maintain quality of our technical offering when supplying power solutions. As a business partner, HOTSTART's team traveled to Mexico to provide technical training in preheating engines to both our production and engineering personnel, as well as best installation practices, with the goal to improve preheater performance in our Gen Set groups. The training was a success, and will allow us to continue improving on quality which is a characteristic of our equipment.

Aleida Jardinez

Analista de Capacitación / Recursos Humanos | Generac - Ottomotores

Rivera Diesel is a company dedicated to selling gensets, as well as other brand name equipment. The reason why Rivera Diesel buys HOTSTART has to do with our high confidence with HOTSTART products, receiving immediate and dedicated support in a timely manner, punctuality with deliveries and competitive prices. Our customers can always rely on HOTSTART products as part of applicable spare parts for our entire line of gensets.

Mr. Fitzgerald Cook

Gerente Comercial | Rivera Diesel S.A.

We have been working with HOTSTART since 2006. Since the beginning, the relationship between our companies was something more than the standard between supplier and customer. When we asked them to develop a specific engine heater for our business (production and sales of Generating sets), we found HOTSTART to be very collaborative and fast to respond. During the years, the knowledge between our companies has increased and we can say the relationship has turned into a real collaboration. The replies to our requests are always quick, allowing us to quickly respond to production needs or customer requests.

Massimo Pergolini

Spare Parts and Engine Manager | Compagnia Tecnica Motori S.p.a.

The support that HOTSTART provides allows LionHeart to strive to be the best generator service company in the industry. I can genuinely say that HOTSTART is in the top tier of vendors we work with.

Jack Sobol

Project Solutions Manager | LionHeart Critical Power Specialists

Over the years it has been my pleasure using HOTSTART's products on my customers' equipment. It is companies and products like yours that I have depended on and trusted to give my customers years of dependable service from affordable yet reliable products. I look forward to continuing to provide even more of your products as my customer base grows.

Mark Rushton

Owner | Faithful Power Technologies, LLC