HOTSTART to Acquire Engine Heating Business from IPU Group

Dec 12, 2018

Spokane, Wash.  – HOTSTART announced today the agreement to purchase the engine heating business from IPU Group based in the UK. IPU Group is a master distributor of HOTSTART products and a specialist in the design, manufacture and distribution of systems for diesel and gas engine applications. The transfer of the business is expected to be complete in January 2019.

The acquisition expands the HOTSTART team of talented, experienced people to provide excellent customer service around the world. It also gives HOTSTART a presence in the UK which complements its presence in the EU, Asia and the USA.

“We have had a great partnership with IPU for many years. They have fantastic people who serve customers at a very high level. We look forward to maintaining this high level of service for many years to come,” said Terry Judge, CEO, HOTSTART, Inc.

“IPU has enjoyed nearly three decades of success with HOTSTART in the UK. It is appropriate that they seamlessly now integrate our HOTSTART team and processes into theirs. Customer satisfaction will be at the heart of this new effort,” said Robert Beebee, Managing Director, IPU Group.


HOTSTART is a world leader in the design and manufacture of heating systems that improve engine and equipment reliability. Behind everything we do is a commitment to making high quality products, providing exceptional service and taking care of people. With over 75 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, HOTSTART continues to provide high quality, reliable heating systems to the engine, energy and equipment sectors.