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Energy Storage

Battery Performance Starts Here

With over 75 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise, Hotstart brings innovative thermal management solutions to the energy storage market. Our systems integrate with the battery management system to actively maintain batteries in their optimal temperature range – improving battery availability and certainty of battery performance.


Lithium-ion energy storage systems are changing the power industry landscape. The nature of lithium-ion chemistry makes cells sensitive to ambient temperature changes, requiring precise thermal management for efficient, effective, and safe operation. Excess heat generated during battery operation or cold ambient conditions reduce battery life and system performance. Traditional HVAC systems installed for battery cooling provide some benefit but may require design accommodations for airflow heat transfer and do not provide heat to cold batteries during charging cycles.

Hotstart’s engineered liquid thermal management solutions (TMS) integrate with the battery management system (BMS) of an energy storage system (ESS) to provide active temperature management of battery cells and modules. Liquid-based heat transfer significantly increases temperature uniformity of battery cells when compared to air-based systems.


Improve System Certainty

By employing uniform, targeted liquid-based cooling and heating proactively to battery cells, Hotstart systems ensure a narrow optimal temperature environment. Managing battery temperature changes in real time allows the BMS to better manage overall battery life and health.  Batteries may then be used to their full charge & discharge potential over the lifespan of the ESS, improving certainty of system availability and efficiency.


Reduce Battery Plating

Repeated low temperature charging during normal operation may cause plating on the lithium-ion anode, reducing performance and safety while also shortening battery life. Hotstart’s liquid thermal management reduces the likelihood of plating by eliminating low temperature conditions during charging cycles, preventing the conditions when plating can occur.


Maximize Battery Availability

Hotstart systems proactively deliver cooling and heating directly to each battery within a module, ensuring that temperature conditions are uniform. Conditioning batteries during charge and discharge cycles with active thermal management prevents conditions that would normally require a BMS to disable cells, maximizing battery availability and  overall system performance. 


Expand System Capacity

Without the need for HVAC air channel spacing, rack-mounted battery modules of roll, prismatic or pouch designs can be optimized for energy-density. Liquid thermal management also allows for a wider range of installation environments for ESS applications, providing cooling in warm ambient and heating in colder ambient conditions.


Contact Hotstart today to discuss liquid thermal management solutions that can optimize battery performance in your energy storage systems.


Thermal Management Solutions for Energy Storage Systems

Thermal Management Solutions for Energy Storage Systems