Mining, excavation and construction sites all rely on heavy equipment to operate. Regardless of the weather conditions, schedules must be kept and production goals accomplished. 

Heavy equipment operating in high elevations or remote locations face weather challenges not typical for most equipment. Critical fluids keep equipment lubricated and operating at their best when heated and flowing through a mechanical system.

HOTSTART coolant, oil and hydraulic fluid heaters keep heavy equipment ready to run in cold temperatures without costly idling. Immersion elements, external forced circulation heaters and heating pads maintain critical fluids at ideal operating temperatures, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.


Fluitek has been a HOTSTART distributor for more than 17 years in the Chilean market. During this time we have built a strong, close relationship with their people. The quality of the products and service, competitive price and the commitment of their people to respond quickly to our needs are the reasons why we rely 100% on HOTSTART product for our customers.

Juan Luis Simunovic

General Manger | Fluitek