Oil Heaters

HOTSTART industrial immersion and oil pan heaters are the ideal way to heat just about any type of liquid—lube oil, hydraulic fluid, water, antifreeze, asphalt, alkalis, petroleum, electroplating, salt solution, wax, cooking oil—you name it, HOTSTART will heat it. Regardless of the solution you're heating, both weathertight and hazardous location models are available. Every immersion heater manufactured can be accompanied with a variety of thermostats. Both adjustable and fixed temperature settings can be specified.

Lube Oil Heaters (OW, OE Models)

HOTSTART lube oil heaters thread into the engine’s oil pan to keep the oil warm and viscous during engine shut-down. When cold, oil becomes very thick and difficult to pump. Upon start-up, warm oil is instantly pumped to the critical wear points in the engine. This reduces engine wear and allows easier starts which prolong battery life. These heaters, available in various AC voltages as well as 12 and 24 volt DC, range from 75 to 500 watts. Designed for safe, electrical operation, these heaters are available in weathertight or hazardous location construction. OW-OE oil heater catalog part numbers

Industrial Immersion Heaters

Industrial immersion heaters are extremely efficient since all energy that is generated is transferred directly into the medium which is being heated. HOTSTART immersion heaters are manufactured with a fixed-setting thermostat and are available with an adjustable thermostat. Preheating hydraulic fluid and other vital liquids prevents gelling and eliminates condensation. All industrial immersion heaters are CSA c/us approved. For more information on HOTSTART industrial immersion heaters, please download our brochure. Industrial Immersion Oil Heater catalog part numbers

Silicone Hot Pads

Flexible, versatile and easy to install. HOTSTART adhesive hot pad heaters are ideal for oil pans, engine blocks, hydraulic reservoirs, diesel fuel tanks and other fluid reservoirs. Constructed from a durable silicone/fiberglass material, these etched foil heating pads feature an easy peel and stick application. Silicone Hot Pad catalog part numbers