HOTSTART TwinStat™ Heater Cord Offered by Avista Utilities to customers with Fleet Operations

Sep 21, 2016

Spokane, Wash. – HOTSTART’s TwinStat™ Heater Cords are eligible as an energy efficient, idle reduction solution for Avista Utilities customers looking to keep their fleet heated and ready to start. The TwinStat™ cord combines on engine mounted remote thermostat with an ambient temperature thermostat to maximize energy efficiency. When the weather is warm, the heater will remain off, saving energy. When the temperature drops, the heater will automatically begin heating your engine – without any timers or guesswork. Available with push-on or threaded connection adaptors in a variety of cord lengths, the TwinStat™ cord easily installs with your existing in-block heater.

Information on the Avista Fleet Heat program is available at with a downloadable form for Avista customers to fill out to qualify for the heater cord.