HOTSTART's James Hunt Presented at EGSA Spring 2018 Conference

Mar 29, 2018

James Hunt, New Market Development Manager, presented "Bringing the Heat to On-Site Power Stability" to the EGSA Spring Conference March 18-20, 2018. In his 20 years of engineering experience, James has been responsible for a wide variety of roles within the profession – ranging from mechanical design to project management. He is currently leading a small team to pursue new market opportunities at HOTSTART and holds his Professional Engineering license in machine design. James is also the author of the Engine Preheating Systems chapter in EGSA’s fifth edition of On-Site Power Generation: A Comprehensive Guide to On-Site Power. He is also an EGSA alternate committee member on NFPA 110 and 111 (Emergency Power Supplies).

Presentation description:

On-site power generation is important. In the most extreme cases, it can mean life or death. Recent natural disasters have provided a fresh reminder of how much we need reliable and stable electricity. The organizations represented by EGSA work behind the scenes to make a difference in people’s lives by providing on-site power generation when and where it is needed.

In critical applications, proper engine pre-heating is essential to maintaining generator readiness. James Hunt, will present on the fundamentals of how to ensure a generator will reliably start and handle load by effectively heating the engine block, lube oil, batteries and other ancillary systems. He will also look ahead to the future of power generation and how new technologies will play a role in continuing energy readiness.

HOTSTART-Bringing-The-Heat-EGSA-2018 HOTSTART-James-Hunt

HOTSTART "Bringing the Heat to On-Site Power Stability" EGSA Presentation

HOTSTART "Bringing the Heat to On-Site Power Stability" EGSA Presentation