HOTSTART announces new EVRHEAT Series 20 Forced Circulation Engine Heater at PowerGen International 2019

Nov 19, 2019

Spokane, Wash. November 19, 2019 – At the 2019 PowerGen International exhibition, HOTSTART announced the new EVRHEAT Series 20 Forced Circulation Engine Heater for genset applications in the United States and Canada. The EVR20 is designed to preheat and maintain engine temperature in generators up to 20 liters in size while in standby mode. Visit booth #728 during PowerGen International to see it in operation.

The EVR20 has been designed and built with efficiency, versatility, and reliability in mind. A new operator display shows current status of the heater. At-a-glance, users can see power is on, the element is energized, and the pump is circulating heated coolant. Integrated controls and sensors monitor the status of the heater and coolant; if an air pocket or other fault is detected, the heater deactivates power allowing for users to safely resolve the fault and reset the heater.

Installation is simplified with an adjustable 180° swivel inlet hose barb, accommodating plumbing requirements in confined areas and allowing for easier field retrofits. The EVR20 applies heating power precisely, adjusting the output wattage in response to fluid temperature changes as little as 1 °F. This results in more uniform heat to the engine and eliminates nuisance low temperature alarms. When compared to thermosiphon alternatives, the EVR20 is more efficient in its operation, providing up to 45% energy savings over standard thermosiphon heaters.

“Reliability just got an upgrade,” said Jim Vroman, Market Manager – Generators. “The EVR20 is the answer for lowering total cost of ownership, reducing warranty spend and saving on energy costs. This small heater does much more than previous designs – air pocket detection allows for dry fire protection, the visual display lets users know heater status quickly, and its compact footprint and swivel inlet means it can fit in tight installations with ease. HOTSTART is excited to raise the bar on engine heating with this new design.”

HOTSTART will start taking pre-orders for the EVRHEAT Series 20 starting December 1, 2019 and will ship product to customers in the US and Canada starting in January 2020. Contact HOTSTART at 509-536-8660 or to pre-order the EVR20 or visit to learn more.

Built with a operator display and integrated controls, the EVR20  can result in a more efficient operation.