HOTSTART Hazardous Location Heating Systems for Canada and United States UL C/US Listed

Nov 17, 2020

Spokane, Wash. November 17, 2020 – HOTSTART was recently granted UL C/US approval for their hazardous location heating systems used in the extraction of natural gas including midstream, offshore, CNG and other gas compression operations. Models OLE, CLE, OCLE, DOLE, OSE, CSE and OCSE are now certified for Class I, Div. 1, Zone 1 or Class 1, Div. 2, Zone 2 installations depending on heater model.

HOTSTART’s hazardous location heating systems provide reliable heating and lubrication to maintain the readiness of gas compressors and engines in use worldwide. These systems are designed to provide continuous heated lubrication, maintain compressor and engine temperature in extreme weather conditions, reduce overall maintenance and eliminate damaging condensation.

“This certification will make it easier to provide both Canadian and U.S. approved heating systems to our domestic customers. This also allows us to finally provide top level assembly certification for our small circulating platform (OCSE, OSE, CSE),” said Pat Norwood, Sales Director – Oil & Gas. “The UL C/US symbol signals to customers that these systems comply with the electrical requirements of their locations. This new standard supersedes our previous CSA approval that was in place for the last twenty years.” 

UL C/US approved systems are available for small and large engine and compressor configurations in a range of voltages and heat output. To learn more, contact the HOTSTART Oil and Gas sales office at  

UL C/US Systems designed for hazardous locations and designed to handle the largest engine heating applications.