HOTSTART Products Meet UL C/US Requirements

Feb 28, 2009

SPOKANE, WA - Engine pre-heaters offered by Kim Hotstart Mfg. have been approved for a listing by Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Electric engine pre-heaters rated 0.4kw - 12kw are now UL listed to Canadian/United States safety standards (File #E230789).

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Preheating for Savings

Nov 1, 2008

Consulting-Specifying Engineer, 11/1/2008 Using forced-circulation preheaters instead of thermosiphon preheaters can reduce electrical consumption 25% to 36%. This provides another energy-saving strategy when specifying heaters for new gensets or upgrading heaters on existing installations. "Every little bit counts” has become a mantra in the effort to maximize energy efficiency and reduce facility operating costs.

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Forced Circulation Engine Heater Saves Energy and Money

Oct 2, 2008

SPOKANE, WA - A coolant pre-heating system is available from Hotstart® that offers energy-efficient engine heating for engines ranging in size from 15L to 100L. The pump-driven CSM offers more efficient heating than thermo-siphon tank heaters, delivering uniform heating throughout the entire engine. On larger engines, one CSM eliminates the need for two thermo-siphon tank heaters, reducing the cost of installation and material.

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HOTSTART Introduces 690V Heaters for Diesel Electric Propulsion Applications

May 7, 2008

SPOKANE, WA - The surge in popularity of marine Diesel Electric Propulsion (DEP) systems based on low voltage 690VAC has generated a need for electrical equipment that can run on the main generated voltage. In response to engine dealers and marine operators, Hotstart® Mfg. has developed a range of engine coolant heaters that can operate on 690V (50 or 60Hz) without the need for transforming the voltage down to the more common 440/480V.

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