HOTSTART Offers New Idle Reduction Systems

Feb 25, 2015

Spokane, Wash. – HOTSTART, an international engine heating technology company, recently added two new idle reduction systems to their heater offerings. The DLV Coolant/Lube Oil Heating System and the CLV Coolant Heating System are designed to heat vital engine fluids and maintain the temperature of the prime mover in cold weather.

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HOTSTART Launches International Websites

Aug 20, 2014

SPOKANE, Wash. – HOTSTART recently launched four new international websites in support of increasing global sales efforts. The four websites feature HOTSTART’s six major markets, engine heater product information and operation manuals in French, German, Japanese and Spanish.

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2014 Us Vs Them Event Benefiting Ayla James

Jul 17, 2014

The HOTSTART Softball Charity Challenge, now in its 6th year, is a friendly intra-company charity event that raises thousands of dollars for a worthy local cause. The 2014 “Us Vs. Them” Softball Charity Challenge will be held August 16th, 2014 at 4pm at Orchard Park in Spokane Valley and will benefit Ayla James.

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HOTSTART Launches Small Capacity Oil Heater for Oil and Gas Market

Jun 19, 2014

Spokane, Wash. – HOTSTART’s new Small Capacity Oil Heating System is the latest offering for the Oil and Gas market. The OSE is a compact oil heating system which features a pump and automatic controls to heat and circulate oil in small compressors.

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HOTSTART Partners with French Distributor Synholon

Jun 19, 2014

Spokane, Wash. – HOTSTART is pleased to announce the direct contracting of Mr. Xavier Piani as Market Manager in support of the French marketplace. Piani, formerly of Synholon, has been a Master Distributor for HOTSTART since 1998 and brings with him 15 years of expertise and knowledge of the French engine heating market.

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HOTSTART From the Field - Hitachi Japan

Apr 8, 2014

Few places in the world are more extreme in their weather than Inner Mongolia where the winters are very long, cold and dry with frequent blizzards. Even in these conditions, there is still work to be done. In November 2013, HOTSTART partnered with Hitachi Japan to provide an oil heater solution for their EX-8000 Gigantic Excavator in use at the Huaneng Yimin Coal and Electricity Company mining operation based in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia.

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New HOTflow® Technician Certification Training Program

Oct 21, 2013

HOTSTART's HOTflow® Technician Certification Training is a program developed to train dealer and distributor technicians on the proper installation procedure for HOTflow® heaters. This free one hour webinar is led by Robert Fridye, Aftermarket Sales - Energy Efficient Solutions. During the training, Robert will guide you through: Overview of HOTflow® Heating Systems Safety and Prep for an Install Mounting of the System Plumbing the System Coolant Requirements Start-up and Commissioning of the HOTflow® heater Following the presentation, participants will take a 25 question test to complete the course and earn their 2 year "HOTSTART Certified Technician" certificate.

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Prep for the Winter to Avoid Costly Downtime

Sep 26, 2013

Summer is quickly fading away as the days get shorter and the nights a little colder. The change of seasons marks an opportunity for some quick and easy winter prep work on your diesel engine. We all know the frustration of starting your truck in the cold weather only to have it crank over and over - smoky exhaust bellowing out, trying repeatedly every few minutes.

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HOTflow™ CTM Heaters Receive UL/C-US Approval

Sep 19, 2013

Spokane, Wash. – HOTSTART recently obtained UL/C-US approval on its HOTflow™ line of CTM forced circulation engine heaters. Effective immediately, CTM models specified with a 3m cord and NEMA plug will carry the UL mark.

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Discontinuation Notice for CSS Heating System

Sep 5, 2013

HOTSTART will no longer offer replacement parts or product support for the CSS line of circulating heating systems. The CSS product line was discontinued and replaced with the CSM model in 2009. Effective immediately, CSS replacement parts will no longer be available. Discontinued CSS Engine Heater.

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