HOTSTART Opens Asia Pacific Sales Office

Nov 1, 2011

SPOKANE, WASH - Engine heating manufacturer HOTSTART, Inc. has opened a new sales office in Tokyo, Japan. Operating under the name “HOTSTART Asia Pacific, Ltd.,” the sales office was established to support the growing business and global demand for engine heating equipment in the Asia Pacific region.

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HOTSTART Opens Oil and Gas Office

May 2, 2011

As the oil and gas industry looks toward the future of global demand and the need for greater efficiency, Spokane, Wash. based Hotstart has opened a new office in Houston, Texas to provide more accessible and hands-on engineering and technical support for its customers. Hotstart made the decision to open an office in Houston after evaluating its markets and the needs of customers.

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HOTSTART Announces HOTflow™ Series

Jan 14, 2011

HOTSTART, Inc introduces the HOTflow™ series of engine heaters. HOTflow™ heaters reduce maintenance and energy costs for 15L-100L displacement engines. The HOTflow™ engine heater features an integrated pump that circulates warm coolant throughout the entire engine at uniform temperatures.

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HOTSTART Wins 2010 Catalyst Award for "Company of the Year"

Oct 10, 2010

HOTSTART, Inc. is a world leader in the development and implementation of engine heating solutions. The company designs and manufactures engine pre-heaters that improve the reliability of generators, locomotives, large trucks, ships, heavy equipment and industrial engines.

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HOTSTART Opens European Sales Office

Sep 1, 2010

SPOKANE, Wa.- Engine heating manufacturer HOTSTART, Inc. ( has opened a new customer service and logistics center in Siegburg, Germany. Operating under the name "HOTSTART GmbH," the current sales office was established in 2009 in Troisdorf, Germany to address the growing business and global demand for engine heating equipment.

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Kim Hotstart Announces New Name and Image

Dec 10, 2009

Engine heating manufacturer Kim Hotstart ( has officially changed its name to HOTSTART, Inc. The updated name accompanies a new logo design that was launched at the PowerGen International trade exhibition in December 2009 at Las Vegas, Nevada. The company dropped "Kim" from the official name in order to enhance its brand recognition during the company's continued international growth.

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Updated Logo and Name Change for HOTSTART

Dec 1, 2009

SHANGHAI, CHINA - Hotstart launched its new brand image at the Marintec industry tradeshow in Shanghai, China. The new brand updates the previous version that was created in 1992. Since that time, Hotstart's market has grown and become more global in scale.

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HOTSTART Introduces New Engine Heater

Nov 18, 2009

A new engine pre-heating system is available from Hotstart® that offers energy-efficient heating for engines up to 20L displacement. The CTM features an integrated pump that circulates coolant throughout the engine and improves flow through exterior plumbing restrictions. Forced circulation delivers uniform heating and allows the heating element to energize less frequently than an equal wattage thermosiphon heater.

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Medium and Large Capacity Engine Pre-heaters for Generator Sets and Mobile Equipment

Apr 9, 2009

SPOKANE, WA - Hotstart® Manufacturing offers a line of medium- to large-capacity (1.5 to 6 kW) engine coolant heaters for stationary and chassis-mounted applications. The CB/SB and CL/SL tank-style heaters feature fixed or adjustable thermostats, weather tight construction and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The pre-heater units heat engines ranging in size from 3.25L - 27L displacement and up to 65L displacement when two pre-heaters are used on one engine.

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Engine Pre-heater for Generator Sets and Mobile Equipment

Mar 7, 2009

SPOKANE, WA - Hotstart® Manufacturing offers a range of small, compact engine pre-heaters for stationary engines and mobile heavy equipment. Available in both 120 and 240 V models, the TPS line of pre-heaters are constructed from a polymer called poly phenylene sulfide (PPS). The durable, high-density plastic construction reduces heat loss throughout the pre-heater tank which allows more heating efficiency at 1800 watts as compared to a 2000 watt aluminum tank heater.

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