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Battery Thermal Wrap

Electric powered thermal blanket heater wrapped around a battery to provide heat in cold weather improving cranking power

HOTSTART Battery Thermal Wraps prolong battery life and improve cranking power in cold weather. The wrap's durable, fire-retardant vinyl resists oil and acids. Plastic tie wraps are included for installation to secure the wrap to the battery. Constructed with multiple battery sizing in mind, the wrap is available in multiple lengths tailored to ensure a perfect fit.

Batteries lose their ability to provide full cranking power in temperatures lower than 80 °F (27 °C). In freezing temperatures, a battery can only provide 65% of its full cranking power, and in extreme weather, an unheated battery's cranking power may fall to 40% or lower.

All standard battery wraps come with a 42" (1067 mm) grounded cord and NEMA plug. These model battery wraps are not thermostatically controlled and not UL Recognized. 

Not intended for hazardous locations.

Heating Information

Primary Heating

  • Lead Acid Battery

Primary Heat Power

  • 60 W
  • 80 W
  • 160 W

Power Specifications

Power Sources

  • AC, Single-Phase, 60 Hz


  • 120

Power Connectors

  • NEMA Plug

Mount Types

  • Wrap

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