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In-Block and Replacement Thermocords


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Thermocords complete the In-block heater assembly by providing a power cord and plug for the engine.
Heater cord for in-block heater features two integrated thermostats and molded NEMA or Schuko plug for connecting to power

HOTSTART In-block Thermocords complete the in-block heater assembly, providing a power cord and plug for use with the installed engine block heater. Cords are available with or without thermostats and come in a range of lengths and plug options for your power connection. These thermocords also fit most non-HOTSTART in-block heaters. 

Thermocords can also be ordered to replace existing heater cords. Contact HOTSTART Customer Service at 509-536-8660 or for help in selecting the proper replacement for your existing heater and application.  

HOTSTART's TwinStatTM Thermocord is an energy efficient, idle reduction heater cord ideal for fleet operations. The cord's twin thermostats monitor engine temperature and ambient temperature, allowing for the heater to run only when needed in the coldest weather. When the ambient temperature is warm, the heater does not run, saving on energy. When the ambient temperature is cold, the heater operates until the engine is within the correct temperature range and then shuts off.   

Not intended for hazardous locations.

Power Specifications

Power Sources

  • AC, Single-Phase, 60 Hz


  • 120
  • 240

Power Connectors

  • NEMA Plug
  • Euro Plug (Schuko)

Temperature Control


  • CSA C/US

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