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OCLP Dual Fluid Heating System


  • Engine



CSA US certified coolant preheater designed to maintain optimal temp for oil & gas applications.

The OCLP model (CSA US Certified) is a coolant preheater designed to maintain optimal temperatures for diesel and gas engines in stationary land power and marine applications. The OCLP is designed as a plate mounted, user-friendly, pre-packaged system that includes all necessary components. The OCLP’s remote automatic function and customer interface connections enable it to be easily integrated into any control system.

In order to improve engine startability and availability, the OCLP maintains a consistent and uniform temperature by circulating heated coolant throughout the engine block and heated oil throughout the sump – eliminating hot spots and ensuring oil viscosity is at optimal levels for engine protection. When compared to cold starts, maintaining optimal engine heat during down time lowers NOx emissions during startup. Engine heating also eliminates the need for extended idling, reducing overall maintenance expenses.

In cold climates, HOTSTART heating systems ensure immediate startup on demand even in freezing temperatures. In warm, humid climates, HOTSTART systems maintain equipment above the dew point, eliminating the risk of condensation forming inside the heads during cool down periods.

Not intended for hazardous locations.

Heating Information

Primary Heating

  • Coolant Mix

Primary Heat Power

  • 18 kW
  • 24 kW
  • 30 kW
  • 36 kW

Secondary Heating

  • Lubrication Oil

Secondary Heat Power

  • 2.5 kW
  • 6 kW
  • 12 kW

Power Specifications

Power Sources

  • AC, Three-Phase, 60 Hz
  • AC, Three-Phase, 50 Hz


  • 208
  • 240
  • 277
  • 380
  • 480
  • 600

Temperature Control

Primary Temperature Control

  • 32–176°F (0–80°C), adjustable

Primary Temperature Control Set Points

  • 122°F (50°C), factory set

Primary High Limit Temperature

  • 195°F (90°C)

Secondary Temperature Control Set Points

  • 105°F (40°C), factory set

Secondary High Limit Temperatures

  • 195°F (90°C)

Inlets / Outlets


  • 1.25” NPT


  • 1” NPT

Secondary Inlets / Secondary Outlets

Secondary Inlets

  • Determined by flow rate

Secondary Outlets

  • 1” NPT

Ingress Options

Coolant Motor Ingress

  • IP55
  • TEFC


  • CSA C/US