Reaching New Heights

Success comes in many forms, both personally and professionally. Mits Nakamura, managing director of Hotstart Europe GmbH and Hotstart Asia Pacific Ltd., proved this with his recent climb to Mt. Everest Base Camp in September 2022. 

Energy Transition cityscape with icons web

The Energy Transition

The energy transition is in progress and Hotstart is a key player in the evolution of power generation. Read a message from our CEO, Terry Judge, on what the energy transition means to the company. 


Happy 10th Anniversary Hotstart Asia Pacific

Join us in celebrating 10 years of our Hotstart Asia Pacific office in Tokyo, Japan! Read about how we started in the region, our challenges and successes along the way, and our hopes for the future. 

Hotstart Service Team

Who ya gonna call?

Did you know Hotstart offers field service support? Read about how we travel the world to work on systems installed at customer locations and help keep daily operations going. 


Meet the Team - Hotstart United Kingdom

Hotstart has grown over the years, opening locations outside of our main operations in Spokane, Washington. In a mini-series of articles, we'll introduce you to the Hotstart teams across the globe. Up first - Hotstart United Kingdom.


Distributor Spotlight - ECCO Engenharia

Hotstart partners with distributors around the world to help us deliver solutions to customers. Here is the first in a series of articles spotlighting these companies and the relationships we’ve built.


Lasting Relationships

So, I was asked by Marketing to write a blog. I had to google “what is a blog?” to know what to do! Well here we go…


How to Really Save Electricity

Opportunities for improving energy efficiency can be found anywhere. Hotstart shares how they found a way to reduce costs for customers and improve on heater performance when heating standby generators.  

2019 HOTSTART Group Shot Best Places INW

Welcome to the Hotstart Blog

Oh the stories we could tell! For nearly 80 years now, we've been building up a treasure trove of experiences and connections with our customers, vendors, partners, and co-workers.