Engineering and Testing Capabilities

Engineering and Testing Capabilities

High quality engineering is key to advancing technology and bringing new solutions to market quickly. For more than 75 years, Hotstart has expanded our in-house engineering expertise and testing capabilities to develop innovative thermal management systems. Our customers leverage these strengths by partnering with us, making Hotstart an extension of their engineering teams when developing new products.  Contact Greg Walters, Sales Manager, today to start the conversation about how Hotstart can help turn your idea into a reality.  

Engineering Capabilities

Taking a product from concept to reality involves many steps for development and validation. For joint customer product development projects, Hotstart brings to the table:

  • Proven experience in heat transfer, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics
  • Project experience in many areas of design and safety certification (UL, CSA, CE, IECEx, ATEX, FCC, NFPA 70 and Marine Classification Societies)
  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Firmware engineering
  • Evaluation, prototyping, and validation of thermal management systems
  • Custom designed pump solutions
  • SolidWorks 3D design, modeling, and analysis
  • 3D printing and in-house toolroom for prototypes
  • Vibration analysis and test programs
  • Energy efficiency studies and testing
  • Thermal testing of equipment up to 29’ long

Equipment Validation Testing

Customers that partner with Hotstart also benefit from our testing facilities and expertise. Our R&D team tests products in controlled environments and provides evidence of system efficiency and functional characteristics across a wide range of environmental operating conditions. Validating and improving product performance can reduce total cost of ownership and shorten return on investment.

Our state-of-the-art facility features fully furnished laboratory space with large thermal chambers that can maintain temperatures down to -40 °C. Small environmental chambers are programmable from ‑70 °C to 180 °C and control humidity up to 99% RH. Our various fluid tanks and electrical power sources allow us to accurately replicate real-world operating conditions. 

Main Thermal Chamber

Max. Equipment Dimensions:
25 ft. x 10 ft. x 12.25 ft. (with removable platform)
29 ft. x 14 ft. x 14 ft. (without platform)
Max. Equipment weight: 48,000 lbs. (with platform)
Min. Temperature: -40 °F (-40 °C) depending on testing parameters