Forced Circulation – Dual Fluid

HOTSTART's Forced Circulation Dual Fluid Heaters feature integrated pumps to move heated coolant throughout the engine’s water jacket while simultaneously moving heated oil throughout the oil sump. Continuous circulation means heated coolant and oil is kept at a consistent temperature, ensuring both the components and lubrication oil are maintained at ideal conditions for engine start. HOTSTART Forced Circulation Heaters are available in weathertight or hazardous location models for a wide range of installation environments.

Markets served: Generator, Oil & Gas, Railroad, Marine, Heavy Equipment


HOTSTART's OCSE (certified Class 1, Div. 2, Group D, CSA Standards with CSA approved components) is a compact combination oil and coolant heating system for use in North American hazardous locations…

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Engine availability is critical for marine, machinery and backup power generation applications. The OCSM heats and circulates engine lube oil throughout the engine sump and external piping while also…

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The OCLE model (certified for Class 1, Div 1, Group D) is HOTSTART’s largest capacity combination coolant-oil heating system designed for use in North American hazardous location applications. Its…

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The OCLA model (IECEx certified) is HOTSTART’s largest capacity combination coolant-oil heating system designed for use in hazardous location applications. Its combination of heating power options…

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Hotstart OCLP

The OCLP model (CSA US Certified) is a coolant preheater designed to maintain optimal temperatures for diesel and gas engines in stationary land power and marine applications. The OCLP is designed as…

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HOTSTART's DLV Dual Fluid Electrical Engine Heater is designed to preheat coolant and oil to heat the prime movers of locomotives as well as diesel and gas engines of generators, marine vessels and…

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