Online / Onsite Training

Online / Onsite Training

Hotstart has been in the business of providing thermal management solutions for engine heating since 1942. Our team uses their knowledge and expertise to analyze, test and validate your engine heating system, ensuring all requirements are met before being deployed in the field.

Designing and building proven engine heating solutions is just the start. Partner with Hotstart to ensure trouble-free heating over the entire lifetime of the system. To develop and maintain optimal heater installation practices , we offer customized training sessions for dealers, distributors, packagers and manufacturers — offered online for when it best fits your schedule or onsite at your location to maximize time with your teams. 

Training Delivered, Online

Whether you're in the office or remote in the field, Hotstart is available to provide training sessions covering the best practices and installation recommendations for our standard heating systems. Chose between live, online presentations with our sales staff scheduled for your convenience or on-demand, self-guided training sessions done on your desktop or mobile device. Class topics include: 

Course Time Description

Genset Complete Heating Solutions

Genset Complete Heating Solutions en Español

40 min

This course covers the recommended Hotstart heating solutions for the generator market. In this training, we cover the various coolant heating options along with oil and battery heating solutions. When used together, these heaters will optimize performance on your standby generator. 

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This course is offered in English and Spanish.

HOTflow Certified Technician On-Demand Training

HOTflow Certified Technician On-Demand Training en Español

30 min

This on-demand training covers the best practices & recommendations for an optimized installation of HOTflow heaters. After passing the quiz at the end of the training, attendees will be HOTflow Certified Technicians. (Training optimized for desktop computers and tablets)

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This course is offered in English and Spanish. 

EVR20 Installation 45 min

This course covers the best practices for installation of Hotstart's newest coolant heater, the EVRHEAT Series 20. 

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Training Delivered, Onsite

When you have the entire team in one location, in-person training can take the learning to the next level. During our customized onsite training sessions, Hotstart experts cover heater specification, installation and maintenance — showing you how to improve performance and reduce warranty costs. Sessions feature hands-on training, question-and-answer discussions and takeaway materials.

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