Energy Efficient Heaters

Energy Efficient Heaters

More than ever, energy efficiency is a key strategy in the energy transition with businesses looking for new solutions to reduce their electrical consumption. Backup power generators are a prime target for energy savings since the engine heater runs 24/7. By installing Hotstart’s High Efficiency Engine Heaters on generators 1MW and larger, essential facilities like data centers can maximize sustainability.

Hotstart's proven air-source heat pump technology maintains water jacket temperatures while saving 20,000-40,000 kWh per generator annually depending on existing heater, ambient temperature, and engine size. The HE system is integrated redundantly with the existing engine heater, reducing operational costs and carbon footprint while maintaining Hotstart’s signature reliability.

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HE24 High Efficiency Heat Pump

Hotstart's HE High Efficiency Heating System uses proven air-source heat pump technology to provide the most efficient engine heating solution for standby generators. HE systems use less energy to…

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Hotstart High Efficiency Engine Heater

Hotstart High Efficiency Engine Heater