Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) rely on contract manufacturing to help fill in gaps in capacity, provide technical assessments, specialized design services, and deliver critical components to their production lines. Since 1942, Hotstart has made increasing investments in vertically integrating in-house manufacturing capabilities to design, build and deliver complete thermal management systems. Our manufacturing expertise and capabilities are available to OEMs looking to partner with a proven, capable supplier that can meet the demands presented by production challenges. 

Hotstart's 142,000 square-foot facility includes dedicated work areas for machining, injection molding, tool and die design/fabrication, wire harness/power cord assembly, electrical panel assembly, and finished product assembly. Whether it's one-off, small batch or volume production, Hotstart is the go-to partner for your supply chain.

Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Electro-Mechanical Product Assembly - Hotstart's assembly department uses Lean Manufacturing methods for completing the manufacturing process, combining electrical and mechanical components into sub-assemblies that make up larger final assemblies. With 10,000 square-feet dedicated for contract assembly work, custom work cells can be built and deployed as needed based on project requirements. Final testing and validation of products is done before shipping out the door.
  • UL 508A / UL NNNY Panel Assembly - Complex products that require robust controls systems rely on industrial control panels that integrate power, controls, relays, motors, interfaces and other components into a single box. Hotstart is UL 508A and NNNY certified for panel assembly for a wide range of industries requiring this for final product. Download the Hotstart UL 508A / NNNY Panel Assembly brochure for more details. 
  • Wire Harness / Power Cord Assembly - Hotstart's dedicated cord department is capable of fabricating terminated or unterminated power cords, control cords, braided or conduit sealed cords and complete wire harnesses used in a variety of industries and applications.
  • Machining - Converting raw materials into usable components is the first step in the process. Hotstart's machining department consists of four CNC mills, five lathes and one saw capable of running aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, brass or steel into finished parts. Download the Hotstart Machining Capabilities brochure for more details on work cell capacity. 
  • Injection Molding - With six Arburg injection molding machines on site as well as mold design and fabrication expertise, Hotstart can take supplied 3D engineering drawings and produce finished molded components within +/- 0.003 tolerance.  Download the Hotstart Injection Molding Capabilities brochure for more detail on work cell capacity.
  • Tool and Die - Have a design already but need a new die or mold? Hotstart's dedicated Tool and Die team can fabricate hard tooling for use in other manufacturing processes. 

Contact Greg Walters, Sales Manager, at to discuss your project needs on current components or new products in development.