HOTSTART launches New Market Development Team dedicated to developing new technology for the renewable energy generation and storage market

Mar 1, 2018

Spokane, Wash. – HOTSTART announces the launch of the New Market Development team, a group dedicated to the development of new technology for the growing renewable energy generation and storage market.

The landscape of power generation is evolving as renewable energy sources become economically viable. Solar and wind power generation paired with battery energy storage systems are shifting the way on-site and distributed power is delivered to customers. GTM Research projects energy storage will be a $3.3 billion market in the United States by 2022*. In response to this projected growth, HOTSTART, a Spokane based engine preheater manufacturer, formed the New Market Development team with the charter to identify how the company will provide technology solutions to meet the needs of this changing power generation landscape.

“Historically, HOTSTART products preheat coolant and other critical fluids for diesel or natural gas engines powering backup generators, gas compressors, heavy equipment and other machines,” said James Hunt, New Market Development Manager. “As engines shift to electrified solutions and on-site power generation adds renewable sources like solar and wind into the mix, HOTSTART sees an opportunity to bring our engineering and manufacturing expertise to this growing market. We are aiming to expand our product offerings to address energy readiness and stability requirements resulting from these new distributed energy practices.”

The New Market Development team is focused on the renewable energy generation and storage industry with the intent to drive innovation as well as develop and manufacture high quality, engineered products. To best apply HOTSTART’s experience to this expanding market, the team is composed of multi-disciplinary employees with backgrounds in engineering, product design and development, product management, and marketing.

Contact: James Hunt, New Market Development Manager, 509-340-0685,

* Data sourced from “The Next Chapter in US Behind-the-Meter Storage: Markets Beyond California and Hawaii” by Brett Simon, gtmresearch, April 19, 2017