Passenger Rail

Passenger rail is a vital part of transportation infrastructure, allowing for more efficient travel over longer distances and at a lower cost than personal vehicles. Heating the generator engines that power these trains overnight rather than idling them allows for power to be ready when needed as the commuter day begins.

Railroad products for Passenger Rail:


HOTSTART’s BCU battery charging unit provides float charging to batteries, allowing them to maintain their available voltage. The BCU is designed for use in locomotives, heavy equipment, mobile…

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Controls & Accessories


To meet all your engine related heating needs, HOTSTART offers a variety of products such as temperature controls, magnetic contactors, junction boxes, wiring harnesses, power cords, and complete…

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The CKM model heater is designed to be a true drop-in replacement for legacy convection-based systems. Featuring a mechanically-driven pump and a custom-designed pump volute mated to a stainless-steel…

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The HOTflow® CSM engine heater features the most powerful pump (10 gpm flow) and most powerful heating element options (up to 12 kW) in the HOTflow® lineup. The CSM's heating power, combined with…

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