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CSM Euro HOTflow® Engine Heater


The CSM Euro features the most powerful pump (10 gpm flow) and most powerful heating element options (up to 12 kW) in the HOTflow lineup. The CSM's heating power in an energy efficient system is ideal for replacing costly convection-based heaters in large-engine installations up to 100 L displacement.

The CSM lineup is equipped to meet a wide array of conditions, including power source requirements and agency certifications. Whatever your power or heating needs, there's a CSM to meet your specific heating system application. The integrated control box allows for easy power connections and enables automatic heater operation, eliminating the need for additional customer-supplied control components.

Power and pump-driven forced circulation provides superior heat distribution, making the CSM Euro a viable option to replace paired or multiple convection-based heaters – improving heating performance while reducing maintenance costs.

Not intended for hazardous locations.

Heating Information

Primary Heating

  • Water
  • Coolant Mix

Primary Heat Power

  • 6 kW
  • 9 kW
  • 12 kW

Power Specifications

Power Sources

  • AC, Three-Phase + Neutral wire, 50 Hz


  • 400

Power Connectors

  • Hardwired

Temperature Control

Primary Temperature Control

  • 38–54 °C (100–130 °F), Fixed

Mount Types

  • Foot

Inlets / Outlets


  • #16 STOR


  • #16 STOR

Ingress Options

System Ingress

  • IP44


  • CE-compliant

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