On-Highway Vehicles

On-highway commerce keeps products moving across towns, states and countries. Even in the harshest weather conditions, packages and product need to be delivered. Trucks and fleet vehicles rely on engine heating systems to keep their engines warm and ready to start after spending a cold night at a truck stop. Without the need to idle to keep warm, trucks equipped with heating systems reduce emissions and lower fuel costs.

Truck products for On-Highway Vehicles:

Thermosiphon Heaters


Made from pressure die-cast aluminum tanks, HOTSTART’s CB series of heaters are the compact, heavy-duty solution for heating your diesel or gas engine. Featuring a built-in high-limit thermostat,…

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HOTSTART’s TPS thermosiphon heating system is a coolant preheater, developed to maintain optimal temperatures for diesel and gas engines in stationary land power, marine, construction equipment, and…

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HOTSTART’s WL heaters are the three phase option for dependable heating of original equipment manufacturers' engines. The WL series features the same pressure die-cast aluminum tank, built-in high…

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Made from pressure die-cast aluminum tanks, HOTSTART’s SL series of heaters are the compact, heavy-duty solution for aftermarket applications requiring heat for your diesel or gas engine. The SL…

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Controls & Accessories


To meet all your engine related heating needs, HOTSTART offers a variety of products such as temperature controls, magnetic contactors, junction boxes, wiring harnesses, power cords, and complete…

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HOTSTART In-block Thermocords complete the in-block heater assembly, providing a power cord and plug for use with the installed engine block heater. Cords are available with or without thermostats and…

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Despite its small footprint, efficient forced circulation allows the HOTflow® CTM system to heat engines up to 20 liters in displacement, allowing for a wide variety of weather-protected small engine…

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The HOTflow® CSM engine heater features the most powerful pump (10 gpm flow) and most powerful heating element options (up to 12 kW) in the HOTflow® lineup. The CSM's heating power, combined with…

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HOTSTART EVR20 Coolant Engine Heater

The EVRHEAT Series 20 has been designed and built with efficiency, versatility, and reliability in mind. Indicator lights on the operator display show current heater operation and temperature status,…

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Oil Heaters


HOTSTART lube oil heaters thread into the engine’s oil pan to keep the oil warm. When cold, oil becomes very viscous and may not protect engine components. Upon start-up, warm oil is supplied to the…

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HOTSTART Silicone Heating Pads are ideal for oil pans, engine blocks, hydraulic reservoirs, diesel fuel tanks and other fluid reservoirs. Constructed from a durable silicone/fiberglass material,…

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Battery Heating


Keeping your battery heated helps to retain cranking power during cold weather. HOTSTART Battery Heating Pads are placed under batteries and radiate heat within the battery box. When using HOTSTART…

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HOTSTART UL Recognized Battery Thermal Wraps prolong battery life and improve cranking power in the coldest conditions. The UL Recognized wrap maintains battery temperature at 80 °F (27 °C) for…

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HOTSTART Battery Thermal Wraps prolong battery life and improve cranking power in cold weather. The wrap's durable, fire-retardant vinyl resists oil and acids. Plastic tie wraps are included for…

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In-Block Heaters


HOTSTART's line of In-Block heaters mount directly into the water jacket of the engine and can reduce engine wear due to cold starts by up to 50%. Warming the engine to the proper temperature also…

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