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EVRHEAT Series 20

Built with a operator display and integrated controls, the EVR20  can result in a more efficient operation.
180 swivel inlet accomodate plumbing requirements in confined areas and allows for easier field retrofits.

The EVRHEAT Series 20 has been designed and built with efficiency, versatility, and reliability in mind. Indicator lights on the operator display show current heater operation and temperature status, so you can be sure your engine is always ready to start. At-a-glance, users can see power is on, the element is energized, and the pump is circulating heated coolant. The integrated controls and sensors monitor the status of the heater and coolant; if an air pocket or other fault is detected, the heater deactivates power allowing for users to safely resolve the fault and reset the heater.

Installation of the EVR20 is simplified with an adjustable 180° swivel inlet hose barb, accommodating plumbing requirements in confined areas and allowing for easier field retrofits. The EVRHEAT Series 20 uses solid state controls to respond to fluid temperature changes as little as 1 °F, resulting in increased temperature uniformity and eliminating nuisance low temperature alarms. When compared to thermosiphon alternatives, the EVR20 is more efficient in its operation, providing up to 45% energy savings over standard thermosiphon heaters.

Not intended for hazardous locations.

Heating Information

Primary Heating

  • Water
  • Engine Coolant / Water

Primary Heat Power

  • 1.4 kW
  • 1.9 kW
  • 2.5 kW

Power Specifications

Power Sources

  • AC, Single-Phase, 50/60 Hz


  • 120
  • 208
  • 240

Power Connectors

  • NEMA Plug
  • Euro Plug (Schuko)
  • Unterminated cord

Temperature Control

Primary Temperature Control Set Points

  • 110°F (43°C)

Primary High Limit Temperature

  • 167 °F (75 °C)

Mount Types

  • Bracket

Inlets / Outlets


  • 0.625” hose barb (15.9 mm)
  • 0.75" hose barb (19 mm)


  • 0.625” hose barb (15.9 mm)
  • 0.75" hose barb (19 mm)

Ingress Options

System Ingress

  • IP66


  • CE
  • FCC/Industry Canada Compliant
  • UKCA
  • UL-C / US listed