Data Centers

Data Centers

Few industries are as focused on avoiding unplanned downtime as data centers. A network outage for any duration can be incredibly costly – impacting revenue and exposing facilities to potential hardware failure and security threats. To mitigate outage risk due to a grid power failure, data center managers rely on multiple onsite generators at each location. However, generators can be an unexpected source of high energy consumption due to coolant heating requirements,  impacting sustainability efforts. Hotstart’s High Efficiency Engine Heater keeps generators ready to start while reducing overall energy consumption during the generator’s idle hours.

Utilizing proven air-source heat pump technology, Hotstart’s HE High Efficiency Engine Heater maintains a generator’s ideal water jacket temperature during standby mode at a lower cost than a traditional engine heater. Generators 1MW and larger retrofitted with an HE heater can see savings of 20,000 – 40,000 kWh* annually per generator. As HE heaters are installed redundantly with an existing engine heater, they also support overall data center resiliency. Data centers with multiple backup generators can realize immediate and significant savings by upgrading to High Efficiency Engine Heaters.

*Savings dependent on existing heater, ambient temperature, and engine size.

Power Generation products for Data Centers:

Energy Efficient Heaters

HE24 High Efficiency Heat Pump

Hotstart's HE High Efficiency Heating System uses proven air-source heat pump technology to provide the most efficient engine heating solution for standby generators. HE systems use less energy to…

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