Railroad Idle Reduction Systems

Since 1965, HOTSTART has been helping railroads stop idling and save money. By equipping locomotives with a HOTSTART engine heater that will keep the engine above 100°F, the locomotives can be shut down instead of left idling for hours and still have an easy restart even in freezing environments. This reduced idling means fuel savings that directly impacts your bottom line.  We can even help you determine how much you can save on fuel with our Fuel Consumption Calculator. Our focus on engine heating and your specific needs means we're always ready to serve you.

HOTSTART APU Tier 4 Final Engine Displayed at Railway Interchange 2015

HOTSTART APU Idle Reduction Heater: Stop Idling and Save Money!

HOTSTART From the Field: Iwate Kaihatsu Railways January 2013

“We tested different APUs and found HOTSTART to be the best. Plus, their after sales support is fantastic.”

—Claude Van Winkle, Chief Mechanical Officer
  Montana Rail Link

“Thanks to HOTSTART, we're saving thousands of dollars and eliminating a great deal of exhaust emissions. HOTSTART provides an outstanding product and it's well worth the investment.”

—Wayne Wiza, General Foreman Mechanical
  Indiana Railroad Company

“We are very happy with our HOTSTARTs. They have greatly reduced fuel consumption and operating costs.”

—Brian Dauksavage, Finance Manager
  Northern Plains Railroad